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  • Local stock markets are outperforming those of both developed and developing countries, and show low correlations with main asset classes.
  • There have been no scandals, failures of stockbroking firms or fraud in any of the markets reviewed.
  • This is no mean achievement.  All the countries have effective accounting, auditing and legal professions that enable investors to have reliable financial information and disclosure.
  • Most companies have good quality management, conservative financial ratios, low levels of debt and strong market shares.

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Top 30 companies

 Dec 2017

Dec 2017 PDF


  • Ranked by Sector; Country; Market capitalisation.
  • Data and information on: Share prices; Market capitalisation; Price/earnings ratios; Dividend yield and cover; Price/book ratios; Last 12 months earnings per share and dividend per share.
  • US$ share monthly price graphs from 1990.



Top 30 company reviews

  • What the company does; How it makes its money; Divisional analysis; SWOT analysis; Market position and principal competitors; Management; Shareholders; Market position; US$ attributable income.

Available on request

Top 30 company financial data

  • Income statements; Balance sheet; Cash flow; Earnings per share, Dividends and dividend cover and yield; Margins (EBITDA, operating, pre-tax and attributable); Liquidity and working capital; Long-term debt and interest coverage; Divisional/segment data; Capacity and production.

Available on request
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